DeVilbiss GTI HD - Gravity

Devilbiss GTi HD – the ultimate in spray gun technology. Over many years the DeVilbiss GTi range of Compliant spray guns have established themselves as firmfavourites with sprayers all over the world. As part of DeVilbiss’s continued commitment to be theworld leader’s in spray gun technology, these iconic spray guns have been completely re-designedand engineered with new gun bodies, air caps, tips, triggers and air valves. Beneath the familiar exterior is the very latest in balanced air management and atomisation technology. These significant productdevelopments once again provide these guns with unrivalled finishing performance and durability. The evolution of a thoroughbred The GTi HD is all about the ultimate performance, yet is totally EPA compliant. DeVilbiss have redesigned the gun considerably, while the delicate balance has been retained to ensure perfect handling. Using the GTi HD, sprayers can maintain the highest speed and finish quality with the best paint savings, all day every day.

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  • Renowned DeVilbiss atomisation quality
  • Trans-Tech fully EPA compliant for superior material transfer efficiency and significant paint savings
  • High Speed application with consistent lay-down and superior finish
  • Balanced air valve design for lighter trigger pull and improved air flow
  • Tough, corrosion resistant anodised gun body
  • Modular components for easier, faster servicing
  • Precision high grade ST/ST fluid tips and needles as standard

Product codes

  • DeVilbiss GTI HD - Gravity/ - GTI HD - Gravity 1.6mm Kit 1 Kit

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