Cloths and Rags

Symphony Coatings provide a wide range of cloths and rags. From white cotton rags to washed mutton cloth, you will find a cost effective cleaning material to suit your requirements.


  • Multi-purpose cleaning utensils
  • White shetting rags are 100% cotton
  • White sheeting has a low lint level
  • All rags are very absorbant

Product codes

  • Cloths and Rags/ - White Sheeting Rags 10Kg
  • Cloths and Rags/ - White Terry Towelling 10Kg
  • Cloths and Rags/ - Coloured Towelling 10Kg
  • Cloths and Rags/ - Mixed Coloured Rags 10Kg
  • Cloths and Rags/ - Standard Stockinette Roll 800g
  • Cloths and Rags/ - Washed Mutton Cloth 30" x 12" 10Kg

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