Liberon Sanding Sealer

Liberon Sanding Sealer quickly prepares the surface of bare wood and MDF prior to wax finishing decorative items. It will seal the surface so that less wax is needed and its special lubricants will ease sanding. For table tops, shelves and other surfaces that need a hard wearing finish, seal with Liberon Finishing Oil instead of Sanding Sealer and then finish with wax if required. On floors use Liberon Floor Sealer and then Floor Wax.

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  • Ideal for sealing wood before waxing
  • Suitable for use on all types of new or stripped wood, including MDF
  • Brush or spray applied

Product codes

  • Liberon Sanding Sealer/ - Sanding Sealer 1L
  • Liberon Sanding Sealer/ - Sanding Sealer 2.5L
  • Liberon Sanding Sealer/ - Sanding Sealer 5L

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