Liberon 2 Part Wood Filler

Liberon Two Part Wood Filler is made from a mix of wood flour and polyester resin to produce a hardwearing wood substitute. Used to reconstitute missing sections of wood in floors, tables and window frames etc., Liberon Two Part Wood Filler is fast curing and shrink resistant. It can be sanded, nailed and dyed once hardened. The high strength formula is resistant to water and is compatible with most finishing products. Ideal for use prior to painting.

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  • Epoxy strength can replace complete sections of wood
  • Fast curing
  • Shrink and crack resistant
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Endorsed by the Guild of Master Craftsmen

Product codes

  • Liberon 2 Part Wood Filler/ - 2 Part Wood Filler 200g

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