Liberon Floor Pre-varnish

Liberon Pre-varnish gives a long lasting and quality finish to wood and parquet flooring. Recommend for use on sanded floors it reduces the darkening of wood and helps prevent tannins rising to keep the original beauty of the wood when it is varnished. Suitable for use with Liberon High Resistance Floor Varnish, Liberon Pre-varnish reinforces the durability of the varnish and aids application. Pre-varnish is recommended for use on Oak, Pine and most woods.

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  • Aids the adhesion and hardening of floor varnish
  • Helps to reduce the darkening of wood when applying a varnish
  • Provides a water resistant coating
  • Ideal for old oak and pine
  • Recommended for use with Liberon High Resistance Floor Varnish
  • Endorsed by the Guild of Master Craftsmen

Product codes

  • Liberon Pre-varnish for Wood Floors/ - Wood Floor Pre Varnish 2.5L

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