PU Pigmented Primers

Becker Acroma 2 Pack PU primers give excellent hiding power, surface hardness and durability. They are fast curing and are touch dry in 10-15 minutes. TF4321 is a medium build primer and TF4370 is a high build primer. React 2:1 with TV4125. After recating add 5% TT2205 or TT2160 thinners.

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  • Excellent drying in all weather conditions
  • Sand/re-coat in 3 hours
  • Do not apply over A/C Lacquer or vise versa
  • 4-6 hours pot life after mixing

Product codes

  • PU Pigmented Primers/ - TF4321-9007 White Medium Build (Including Reactor) 10Kg + 5L
  • PU Pigmented Primers/ - TF4370-9007 White High Build (Including Reactor) 10Kg + 5L
  • PU Pigmented Primers/ - TF4360-7902 Black High Build (Including Reactor) 10Kg + 5L

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