PU Reactors

A range of reactors to pair with Becker Acroma polyurethane products. TV4114 is used with all products with the exception of the SM4006 non-yellowing range where SV4310 must be used. The wet look gloss must be used with TV4202. Use TV4240 for white PU lacquers where an extra degree of non yellowing is required. Use TV4170 for black PU wet look gloss. Use TV4125 for use with white primers to slow down the drying.

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  • Use TV4114 for all products except:-
  • SM4006 non yellow (use SV4310-mix 5:1)
  • SL4340 non yellow (use SV4310-mix 3:1)
  • Wet look gloss (use TV4202-mix 1:1)
  • White lacquers (use TV4240-mix 2:1)
  • Black wet look gloss (use TV4170-mix 1:1)
  • All primers (use TV4125-mix 2:1)

Product codes

  • PU Reactors/ - TV4114 2.5L
  • PU Reactors/ - TV4114 12.5L
  • PU Reactors/ - SV4310 2L
  • PU Reactors/ - TV4202 5L
  • PU Reactors/ - TV4240 2.5L
  • PU Reactors/ - TV4170 2.5L

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