A/C Thinners

A range of premium thinners for use with Becker-Acroma acid catalyst lacquers. These thinners are 100% pure and are available in quick dry, retarder and anti bloom versions.

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  • Use DT2007 as a rapid dry thinner.
  • Use DT2002 as a slow dry thinner.
  • Use DT2004 as a super slow dry thinner.
  • All 3 thinners are premium quality.
  • Use small amounts first before increasing quantity.

Product codes

  • A/C Thinners/ - DT2002 5L
  • A/C Thinners/ - DT2002 25L
  • A/C Thinners/ - DT2004 5L
  • A/C Thinners/ - DT2004 25L
  • A/C Thinners/ - DT2007 5L
  • A/C Thinners/ - DT2007 25L

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