Pre Cat Thinners

A premium range of pure solvent designed to reduce the viscosity of Becker-Acroma pre-cat range. Other products in this range will act as retarders and antibloom thinners.

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  • Use NT2001 as a standard pre-cat thinner.
  • Use DT2004 as an antibloom thinner.
  • Use DT2002 as a retarder.
  • With all these thinners start with 5%.
  • Use small amounts first before increasing quantity.

Product codes

  • Pre Cat Thinners/ - NT2001 5L
  • Pre Cat Thinners/ - NT2001 25L
  • Pre Cat Thinners/ - DT2004 5L
  • Pre Cat Thinners/ - DT2004 25L
  • Pre Cat Thinners/ - DT2002 5L
  • Pre Cat Thinners/ - DT2002 25L

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