Symphony Solvents

Symphony Coatings’s range of products may sometimes need thinning to aid the flow of the material or sometimes paint strippers and cleaners are required to prepare the surface prior to finishing. Here you will find our range of solvents to suit all your needs.


  • For PU's TT2205 is a general thinner
  • TT2160 is a slower drying PU thinner
  • For AC's use DT2002(Slow), DT2004(Superslow) or DT2007(Rapid)
  • On Pre-Cats use NT2001(Standard), DT2002(Retarder) or DT2004(Antibloom)

Product codes

  • Solvents/ - TT2205 5L
  • Solvents/ - TT2160 5L
  • Solvents/ - DT2002 (NT2019) 5L
  • Solvents/ - DT2002 (NT2019) 25L
  • Solvents/ - DT2004 5L
  • Solvents/ - DT2004 25L
  • Solvents/ - DT2007 (NT065) 5L
  • Solvents/ - DT2007 (NT065) 25L
  • Solvents/ - NT2001 (DT890) 5L
  • Solvents/ - NT2001 (DT890) 25L
  • Solvents/whitespirit5l - White Spirit 5L
  • Solvents/acetone5l - Acetone 5L
  • Solvents/acetone25l - Acetone 25L
  • Solvents/eqcleaner5l - Equipment Cleaner (Gun Wash) 5L
  • Solvents/eqcleaner25l - Equipment Cleaner (Gun Wash) 25L
  • Solvents/pwipe5l - Panel Wipe Degreaser 5L
  • Solvents/imanol5l - Imanol 5L
  • Solvents/meths5l - Methylated Spirits 5L

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