Pyrolac Pro (Class 0)

PyroLac Pro is a clear fire retardant system, which upgrades wood substrates to Class 0. The system consists of three separate products for application to new timber substrates. PyroLac Pr0 has been tested at Warrington Fire Research to BS 476 Part 7 Class 1 Surface Spread Of Flame and BS 476 Part 6 Flame Propagation to Class 0, on certain substrates. For any particular substrate,contact your local Symphony Coatings branch for advice. Suitable for use on veneered board or solid timber. The primary end use is on panelled walls although it can also be used on interior doors, trims, window frames and furniture where fire retardant properties are required.

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  • Upgrades to Class O
  • 3 Coat system
  • Clear or Pigmented
  • Excellent final suface appearance

Product codes

  • Pyrolac Pro (Class 0)/ - EN2003 Clear Basecoat 5L
  • Pyrolac Pro (Class 0)/ - YZ2011 Salt Solvent 5L
  • Pyrolac Pro (Class 0)/ - DM2134-0030 Clear Topcoat (Including Reactor) 5L
  • Pyrolac Pro (Class 0)/ - DM2134-0060 Clear Topcoat (Including Reactor) 5L

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