Preparation of Metal

Symphony Coatings offers a wide range of products for preparation of metal and other subsrates. We offer a Pro-Speed T-Wash, Symphony Coatings Single Pack Etch, and a Pro-Speed 2-Pack Etch. There is also Equipment cleaner, Panel Wipe Degreaser and T-Shirt Cotton Rags to help prepare the substrates.

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  • Use T-wash for galvanised steel
  • 2-Pack Etch is for Galvanised, aliminium and other substrates.
  • The Single Pack Etch is black
  • The 2-Pack Etch is buff
  • T-wash is clear

Product codes

  • PREPARATION/ - T-Wash (New Galvanised steel) 5L
  • PREPARATION/ - Single Pack Etch - Black 5L
  • PREPARATION/ - 2 Pack Etch 10L
  • Preparation of Metal Substrates/ - Panel Wipe Degreaser 5L
  • Preparation of Metal Substrates/ - Equiptment Cleaner 5L
  • Preparation of Metal Substrates/ - White Sheeting Rags 10Kg

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