Waterborne Metal Paint

Symphony Coatings offers a range of waterborne primes and topcoats coatings for metal substrates.

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  • Protegacryl HBC-W is a compliant single pack primer for steel and some plastics available in black, red and grey
  • Fontecryl 25 is a waterborne satin primer finish available in any colour
  • Jotun Waterfine TC is high quality waterborne topcoat available in any colour

Product codes

  • Waterborne Coatings/ - Protegacryl HBC-W Black 20L
  • Waterborne Coatings/ - Protegacryl HBC-W Red 20L
  • Waterborne Coatings/ - Protegacryl HBC-W Grey 20L
  • Waterborne Coatings/ - Fontecryl 25 5L
  • Waterborne Coatings/ - Fontecryl 25 20L
  • Waterborne Coatings/ - Waterfine TC 5L
  • Waterborne Coatings/ - Waterfine TC 20L

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