Binks AA4400M Spray Gun

The AA4400M improves fan pattern adjustment for hard-to-reach areas and reduces build-up of acid catalyzed coatings. The tungsten carbide seat works great for high viscosity fluids and heavy industrial applications. These features are particularly beneficial in the wood finishing industries, such as cabinet shops and furniture manufacturers, where recessed and hard-to-reach spaces require special attention to attain an even and thorough finish.

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  • Light weight gun and ergonomic handle reduce operator stress and fatigue
  • Anodized Aluminum Air Caps resist corrosion
  • Unique Twist Tip option quickly & easily removes clogs
  • HVLP or LVMP Technologies provide a wider choice of spray options
  • Easy to remove “IN-LINE” needle reduces repair time

Product codes

  • Binks AA4400M Spray Gun/ - Binks AA4400M Spray Gun Complete Kit 1 Kit

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