Rubbol WF375, WF378, WF380

The Sikkens brand of opaque coating systems from Akzo Nobel,(WF375, WF378, WF380) is the market leader in Europe and has long been recognised as a specialist in the field of woodcare. In the UK and Ireland, a range of high performance coatings is available to meet the challenging needs of the joinery manufacturer and the specifer, combining excellent aesthetic appearance with optimum durability.The Sikkens Joinery Team offers full factory support and advice with regard to: *Correct product and system choice *Production demonstrations *Factory layout and drying processes *Applied timber samples *Practical application training courses *Liaison with equipment suppliers and suppliers of timber, adhesives, preservation and glazing

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  • Specially formulated for application by spray
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Excellent flow
  • Quick drying
  • Long term durability and flexibility of the water-borne coatings
  • Protects the timber from moisture ingress & the damaging effects of UV light
  • Moisture vapour permeable properties allow the timber to exchange moisture in a gradual way in relation to the surroundings
  • Extensive range of colours available (including BS4800 & RAL)
  • Greatly reduced environmental impact compared tosolvent-borne coatings
  • Coatings are applied in a controlled factory environment
  • Full range of on-site maintenance coatings available

Product codes

  • Rubbol WF375 - Rubbol Special Colour 10L
  • Rubbol WF380 - Rubbol White 20L

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