Kremlin 20:25

The Kremlin 20:25 airmix pump is ideal for using between 10-50 litres per day. This pump has the advantage of being able to handle more viscous materials than the Kremlin 10:14 pump. FREE with every pump is the new Kremlin EXCITE spray gun, a brand new version following on from the Kremlin MVX spray gun. With a very low spray velocity of 1.5mph, the Excite Airmix spray gun, dramatically reduces wasteful and costly overspray, resulting in a 30% lacquer saving. The reduction in spray velocity also reduces the problem of dry overspray affecting finish quality- a problem especially associated when spraying enclosed areas. Airmix technology atomises the paint at lower pressures and velocity than most Air Assisted Airless (AAA) systems which means substantial material savings and no tip blocking associated with some AAA systems.

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  • Save on your lacquer/paint bill
  • Reduce overspray
  • Obtain a better finish
  • Stop constantly filling up your gravity/suction cup
  • Ideal for 10-50 litres per day

Product codes

  • Kremlin 2025 Pump/ - Kremlin 20:25 Pump Kit(pump,gun,cap,hoses,trolley) 1 Kit

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