Kremlin 34:A2 (FLOMAX)

The Kremlin 34:A2 pump is a larger pump ideal for external joinery coatings and other viscous materials. It has a unique design with external valves for easy maintenance. Unique Flowmax® technology ensures total sealing. Quick inversion of this pump allows for a perfectly stable fan shape at the gun. Performance, extended lifetime, reliability are all extras benefits of the system over smaller Krelin pumps such as the Kremlin 10:14 & 20:25 pumps. The new Kremlin EXCITE spray gun is supplied with each Kremlin pump.


  • Save on your lacquer/paint bill
  • Reduce overspray
  • Obtain a better finish
  • Ideal for 20+ litres per day

Product codes

  • Kremlin 34A2 FLOMAX/ - Kremlin 34:A2 FLOWMAX Pump Kit(pump,gun,cap,hoses,trolley) 1 Kit

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