Pre Cat Primers

Becker-Acroma ND2012-9001 is a fast drying, high build single part primer with excellent filling properties. Only to be used under pre-cat topcoats. A bespoke colour matching service is also offered.A range of easy-to-use pigmented coatings. These primers are fast drying with good levelling, and easy sanding. Recommended where superior resistance to Nitrocellulose is required, and where ease of application and repair are more important than durability. Can also be used as a general primer for many hand applied paints.

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  • Touch dry in 15 minutes
  • Not recommended for horizontal working surfaces
  • Excellent leveling and sanding properties
  • High resistance to Nitrocellulose
  • Easy to apply and recoat

Product codes

  • Pre Cat Primers/ - ND1416-7001 Black P/C Primer 20L
  • Pre Cat Primers/ - ND2012-9001 White P/C Primer 5L
  • Pre Cat Primers/ - ND2012-9001 White P/C Primer 20L

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