Rubbol Block Primer XP610

Rubbol Block Primer XP610 is a blocking primer to be used in conjuction with Sikkens opaque top coats WF375, WF378, WF380. Rubbol Block Primer Sikkens XP610 (formerly SAD016) is a stain inhibiting water-borne, moisture vapour permeable primer and midcoat.Specially formulated for application by spray. This high performance primer inhibits staining caused by water soluble timber extractives on most hardwood timber species. It is a first class foundation for various types of opaque decorative coatings.Excellent adhesion to timber. Can be used over most fully dried preservative treated timber

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  • Formulated for spraying through an air assisted airless pump
  • Not suitable for conventional spraying
  • Excellent foundation for Sikkens opaque topcoats
  • Excellent tanin blocking properties
  • Availble in 20 litre drums

Product codes

  • Rubbol Block Primer XP610/ - XP610 White 20L
  • Rubbol Block Primer XP610/ - XP610 Grey 20L

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