Bona Naturale Base

Bona Naturale Base is designed to be applied before Bona Naturale 2-Component, to reduce the risk of sidebonding and discolouration. Bona Naturale Base is waterborne and is VOC 2010 compliant. Bona Naturale Base can also replace the initial coat of Bona Naturale 1-Component.

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  • The Naturale system creates the look and feel of pure wood.
  • Even wood colouration.
  • The Naturale system can be spot repaired.
  • Prevents sidebonding.
  • Designed for Bona Naturale 2-Component.
  • Partly made of renewable resources.

Product codes

  • Bona Naturale Base/ - Bona Naturale Base 4.5L

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