3M 9322 FFP2 (valved)

The advanced 3 panel design of the 3M 9300 series means they are easier to breathe through and not prone to collapse. Being foldable they offer you more convenience than traditional cup shaped respirators. Its features include a headband material which keeps a near constant tension, reducing strap pressure and ensuring a secure fit to the face for a range of head sizes. Improved comfort is also achieved by using a soft material for sections of the respirator in contact with the skin. The respirators are individually packed to avoid contamination during storage and the straps are colour coded, making identification easier.

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  • Box 10 (valved)
  • Better Protection Than FFP1 Masks
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Foldable & Individually Packed
  • Unique 3M Cool Flow Valve System
  • Prevents User From Excessive Sweat

Product codes

  • 3M 9322 FFP2 (valved)/ - 3M 9322 FFP2 (valved) Box of 10

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