PU Clear High Build Lacquers

A range of clear high build 2 pack polyurethane lacquers with good covering power, very good transparency and surface hardness. Fast drying with good sandability. Mix 2:1 with TV4114. Can be used in conjunction with Becker Acroma 2 pack polyurethane sealer, TL 4386. Available in a variety of different sheen levels to suit individual requirements.

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  • Mainly used with Open Grain Timbers
  • For use with TL4386 Basecoat
  • Fast Drying
  • Good Sandability
  • Quick Drying at 20C
  • Excellent Surface Slip

Product codes

  • TM4059/ - TM4059-0010 Matt (Including Reactor) 5L + 2.5L
  • TM4059/ - TM4059-0020 Semi Matt(Including Reactor) 5L + 2.5L
  • TM4059/ - TM4059-0030 Egg Shell (Including Reactor) 5L + 2.5L
  • TM4059/ - TM4059-0040 Satin(Including Reactor) 5L + 2.5L
  • TM4059/ - TM4059-0065 Semi Gloss(Including Reactor) 5L + 2.5L
  • TM4059/ - TM4059-0095 Full Gloss(Including Reactor) 5L + 2.5L

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