'Laqvin' Opaque

An advanced waterborne coating range manufactured by Becker Acroma, for external joinery, compromising a 'blocking primer' (ED1401-9501) together with a choice of microporous topcoats in different sheen levels to suit individual requirements (EG1598 range). Provides long lasting protection against the 'elements. Laqvin has a technically advanced formula and is manufactured in Sweden, which has one of the harshest climates in Europe. Proven to be among the best products for external use in Europe.

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  • Formulated using high technology resins
  • Breathes & flexes with the timber
  • Reduces cracking, flaking and blistering
  • Good body and an even surface
  • Laqvin enhances the natural beauty of wood
  • System consists of a primer & topcoat
  • Wide choice of pigmented colours available

Product codes

  • 'Laqvin' Opaque Lacquers/ - ED1401-9501 White External Blocking Primer 20L
  • 'Laqvin' Opaque Topcoat - EG1598-90013 Satin White External Top Coat 20L
  • 'Laqvin' Opaque Topcoat - EG1598-90015 Semi-Gloss White External Top Coat 20L
  • 'Laqvin' Opaque Topcoat - EG1598-90017 Gloss White External Top Coat 20L

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