SATA Vision 2000 now available at Symphony Coatings

Safe. Light. Comfortable.

The SATA Vision 2000 provides superior protection for those processing and spraying paint materials. Its lightweight hood, combined with a simple belt system, ensures fatigue-free work while safeguarding the user’s health. The optional air warmer or cooler allows for individual adjustment of air temperature for added comfort.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of sprayers, this full hood protects the respiratory system, eyes, skin, and hair, which is crucial when using water-based materials. It offers high wearing comfort and optimal hygiene.

The respirator hood features a silencer, a hygienic hood inlay, a replaceable sweatband, and an acoustic warning system. It is available as a complete kit that includes a belt unit, which can be optionally equipped with an activated charcoal absorber, air flow control, and an air volume indicator, or with a T-piece and regulator for further customization.

SATA Vision 2000 Respirator Kit - 2


Independent air supply increases breathing air quality

Resistance-free inhalation increases breathing comfort

High levels of protection (up to 100 times the TRK-value*)

Visor allows one-hand operation

Non-reflecting view due to the special solvent-resistant foil

Cost-effective operation; fast return on investment

Interchangeable hygiene components

An audible warning whistle indicates insufficient air supply
which is ​complemented ​by a cross check ​indicator on the
​belt unit for highest possible safety (safety feature).

Head/chest cloth, which is breathable, solvent-resistant,
​lint-free, flame retardant and features a velcro closure.
​Easy to remove and to replace, protects neck and chest.

The tear-off visor foils are simply replaced with new ones ensuring
perfect vision without reflections or distortions at any time.
​Unique SATA single visor system.

​Exchangeable sweat band (microfibre velour) ensuring
​effective sweat absorption and highest hygienic standards.
Removeable hygiene inserts to minimise skin contact with contamination.
​Silencer for quiet working.
​Individually adjustable settings for a tailored comfortable fit.

SATA Vision 2000 Respirator Kit - 4

Ready to upgrade your PPE and say yes to better breathing protection?

Symphony Coatings Group are excited to partner with SATA GmbH & Co. KG, who are a global leader in wet paint technologies, supplying partners in around 100 countries. Beyond its advanced spray guns, SATA offers cup systems, breathing protection, and compressed air technology, serving industries such as automotive, carpentry, and painting.

As a family-owned company, sustainability is key to SATA's operations, balancing economy, ecology, and social responsibility. Economic success ensures long-term company viability and supports various local and global aid projects. Ecologically, SATA conserves resources and minimizes waste by using 100% green electricity and district heating, and investing in geothermal energy and photovoltaics. SATA continually enhances its sustainability practices for future success.

For more information on the SATA Vision 2000 please contact your local sales representative or call your nearest Symphony Coatings depot today.

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