Environmental Policy

Symphony Coatings are committed to sound environmental practices ensuring that “Green” options are fully available where possible with the majority of products supplied. Our in-house manufacturing methods are naturally fully compliant.

The Enviromental Protection Act 1990 seeks to make provision for the improved control of pollution arising from certain industrial and other processes. The discharge of VOC (volatile organic compounds) into the atmosphere, contributes to ozone depletion, global warming and naturally increases pollution. Whilst the ultimate responsibility lies with the end user (Symphony Coatings customers) it is wholly appropriate for Symphony Coatings to help in compliance by offering “Green” alternatives. Examples include the supply of leading waterborne technology in both wood and metal finishes. Symphony Coatings supply higher transfer efficient application equipment and distribute leadig brand powder coatings, which today is thought of as a “clean” method of paint application. Various floor lacquers and paints also available in environmentally friendly options. The basic assumption in changing products is that there must be no slowdown in the customer’s production process and no compromising on quality aspects.

Symphony Coatings can supply VOC reports as well as MSDS (material safety data sheets) over any period of time for any products supplied by ourselves. Contact your local Symphony Coatings branch for more details for both VOC reports and the environmentally friendly options available in your chosen product range.

Only when prospective suppliers environmental policies have been fully scrutinized by Symphony Coatings, will we allow their product portfolio to be included within our range and the Symphony Coatings name to be associated with them. This enables Symphony Coatings to happily recommend products with low VOC emissions to help customers comply with their obligations under legislation.

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