Spray Booth and Airflow Reports

Symphony Coatings can assist in providing spray booth airflow reports as part of the legal requirements of COSHH regulations. A detailed report can be given after measurements from 9 specific areas along the face of the booth have been taken. Contact your local branch for more information.


  • Use as part of the COSHH regulations
  • 99% accurate readings
  • Full report given
  • Use with 12-month intervals between readings

Equipment Servicing and Repairs

Symphony Coatings have service and repair centres throughout the UK to fully support the sales of all Symphony Coatings supplied spray shop equipment and capital machinery such as pressure pots and spray pumps. On many occasions, we can provide replacements whilst your equipment is being serviced. A delivery and collection service is available as well as on-site servicing.


  • Full repair facilities
  • Routine service work
  • Replacements available during repair
  • competitively priced
  • Can be picked up and delivered if required

On-Site Services and Repairs

Symphony Coatings can service and repair spray equipment, spray booths and compressors at your site. This is especially useful when sending spray booth equipment away to be repaired would lead to 'downtime' and a loss of money.


  • Stops equipment being 'sent away' for repair
  • Reduces downtime
  • Loan equipment available if required
  • Short notice periods can be given before arrival on site
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