New Partnership Announcement

We are proud to announce we have a new partnership with HMG Paints Ltd, the UK’s largest independent paint manufacturer.

HMG Paints Ltd is a family-owned business situated in Manchester, with a broadportfolio of products including wet paint, powder coatings and aerosols, covering virtually every type of surface imaginable. This is all backed by an extensive 90 years’ experience in developing pioneering coatings for a myriad of industries.

We have worked exceptionally hard to ensure we can pick the right solution for any requirement you may have; therefore, our technical team completed comprehensive HMG product training in order to assist with any enquiry you may have.

Symphony Coatings is a market leader in colour matching, meaning we can manufacture all HMG products in any colour. That is why we have equipped three of our colour matching laboratories with brand new tinting machines. We hold large stocks of the majority of HMG products, available for next day delivery.

Symphony Coatings are proud to work with HMG to create the very best individual service and tailored coatings solutions for all our customers. As well as industrial coatings, we also supply a full range of consumables, sundries, personal protective equipment, spray equipment with full spares and servicing availability. For more information and to see our new HMG product offering, please contact your local branch.

We truly believe our customers will benefit from this partnership as our values and passion for quality industrial coatings align beautifully.

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